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Welcome to the website of Anthony Ffooks.
Anthony Ffooks has been a British Eventing Technical Advisor since 1980.
In 1986 he compiled The Course Builders Handbook and it has now been sold in over 20 different countries.
He has been building and designing courses and fences for Horse Trials, at all levels, and Hunter Trials etc. for over 20 years and has been involved, to date, in the design and/or building of 40 B.E.Horse Trials, including 3 International Three Day Events.
He has helped set up many Schooling courses and has designed, built and stewarded for Pony Club and Riding Club events in Wales and the South of England.
Anthony Ffooks
Anthony Ffooks
In 1988 Anthony Ffooks attended the Seoul Olympic Games as one of 40 multi-national volunteers chosen to help with the final preparations of the Three Day Event fences, and the Stewarding of all the equestrian disciplines of the Games.
He is also the present organiser of the Wilton Horse Trials. Please click on the following link for further information.
Anthony Ffooks is available for advice and/or design of all levels of course and Event, and also available for Lecture Demonstrations on Course Building and design for Pony Club, Riding Club, Schools and Colleges
Anthony Ffooks